Hellworld Dispatch

Dispatches📄︎ from my corner of Hellworld🔥︎🌎︎, which is mostly online. These dispatches will never contain ads for for-profit corporations. This is an experiment in the lowest effort possible to exert and still have something able to be described as a “podcast”. Topics will vary greatly. It is very likely that if I do this for long enough one day I will be in the mood to deliver an entire thirty minute oration in Esperanto, much to your annoyance. (Ĉiuj diligentaj1 studoj—se ekitaj ĝis nun tuj—tiukaze cetere mildigus la malbonajn efikojn je via psiĥo.)

Note: Audio is 24kbps encoded Opus, which may not play on inferior (by which I mean fruity🍎) hardware or software—demand free software and free codecs for an open, (arguably less Hellish,) society.

  1. On the enduring historical value of CBS's Madam Secretary (⏫︎2021-09-25) (5.8MB audio) (YouTube) (00:32:49)
  2. On the Iglesia ni Cristo, the largest religion made in the Philippines (⏫︎2021-10-10) (4.9MB audio) (YouTube) (00:27:39)
  3. On non-fungible tokens (NFT’s), Vanessa Lau, and Comedian (2019) (⏫︎2022-01-27) (7.6MB audio) (YouTube) (00:43:10)
This art of my fursona was a commission from PocketFurry